Where are Schools for the Real World?


I wish life were a multiple choice, Scantron Form 882-E test. I would crush it.

In my years of formal education, I became a rockstar of Scantron tests. After you had been through enough multiple choice exams, you almost didn’t have to know the subject to eliminate three of the answers. It was then down to the last two, so you at least had a 50/50 probability. Not bad! All you had to do was show up with a sharpened No. 2 pencil and make sure you had enough runway of clean eraser. I was always one of the first to hand in my form and skip out the door to freedom.

What happened to those cozy, green and white forms? Sadly, I have not held a slim one since college. They were surprisingly so rigid. I loved holding them horizontally as they defied gravity and never seemed to bend!

If only work had more Scantron Form 882-e’s, I would be amazingly wealthy and a lot of people would report into me.

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